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Volunteer QA

General Questions for the 2024 meet:


Most volunteer slots will be for staging, timers, runners and security help for assisting swimmers around the deck. Descriptions of each job are below. 

Job Descriptions

Heat Sheets You will be responsible for selling Heat Sheets and providing information and directions to the spectators. 

Runner You will collect the lane cards/ timer sheets from each timer following every event and deliver them to the scoring table. You will be taking awards labels to the awards room and will be posting results in various parts of the venue. 

Heat Winner You will obtain Heat Winner awards and deliver them to the swimmers who win their heat. This could be at both the starting end of the pool and the bulkhead end of the pool. 

Hospitality You will be located on the Pool deck and will provide support for the hospitality room that is being provided for meet officials and coaches. You will also provide drinks to workers on the deck 

Timers Timers are to provide their own stopwatch (obtain from your team). You will be assigned a lane or the position of back-up timer. You will provide the stopwatch times for each event. You will be working at the start end of the pool. 

Security In 2023, we will NOT be responsible for crowd control and to assist spectators find their seats. We will be set up in various areas around the pool deck to ensure parents are not on-deck, to help get items from parents to their swimmers if something is forgotten, and to assist some of the younger swimmers getting out of the pool. (Pool entrance, Staging area, Pool Deck , Warm-up Area, Photo Area, Hospitality, etc)

Check in: 

Inside the Front door of the aquatic center.      

  1. Volunteers per session-  Volunteers will check-in at the deck to collect their badge and report to the specific station for their coverage.  Anyone assisting as a Timer is to bring 2 stop watches from their teams supplies.  EVERYONE other than swimmers will be badged while inside the building.
  2. Heat Sheets will be on sale- CASH ONLY.   We will have a limited supplies, secure yours prior to the event with online presale.   

Parent Parking: 

Parking link : COMING SOON

Parking anywhere else could result in a ticket, tow or being booted.  

How to Capture the moment:

River Oak Photography :

Sign up for action photos online with River Oak Photography.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

The exhibition hall is to be open for restroom use.   

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What is SafeSport? 

SafeSport is the Olympic community’s initiative to recognize, reduce and respond to misconduct in sport. The six primary types of misconduct are Bullying, Harassment, Hazing, Emotional Misconduct, Physical Misconduct, and Sexual Misconduct, including Child Sexual Abuse. USA Swimming’s and the GCSL’s top priority is to keep our athletes safe. No form of abuse, including child sexual abuse, has a place in our sport. As a part of our continued commitment to safeguarding our athletes, USA Swimming has enacted enhancements to their Safe Sport policy and education requirements. On April 29, 2019, USA Swimming released its Minor Athlete Protection Policy (MAPP) which is found here: https://www.usaswimming.org/safe-sport/minor-athlete-abuse-prevention-policy  All USA Swimming member clubs are required to implement MAPP in full by June 23, 2019.

Will parents be allowed on deck to escort their small children during warmups? 

NO. This is a non-negotiable policy of Georgia Tech, GA Swimming, and USA Swimming as part of SafeSport. No unauthorized adults will be allowed on deck. We are also providing passes for up to 5 total Coaches to help with your children. 

What happens if there is an emergency? 

You will be quickly reunited with your swimmer. They will either be brought to you in the stands, or you will be quickly escorted to your child on deck by security. The goal of SafeSport is to protect our children, not put them in more harm. So, we (along with Ga Tech) are committed to accommodating these situations should they arise.

Since no cameras are allowed on deck this year, will swimmers be able to take pictures of each other and their teammates while on deck with their phones? 

Absolutely. There are no SafeSport guidelines around swimmers having fun. That is encouraged and includes taking goofy pictures of each other. The no camera policy is intended to govern the interactions between athletes and adults at Youth sporting events. 

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